September 15, 2016

Chang Puak Elephant Camp was our second destination for the one day tour that we had signed up with Eddie. Initially I didn't fancy the idea of elephant riding. I'm an animal lover and I never want to support any activities that exploit and abuse the animals. However, I didn't want to spoil the fun so I just joined my friend. I couldn't imagine myself telling my friends, 'Hey! Don't ride the elephants. So cruel.' Haha. They will be very pissed off if I did that. And I could not leave one of them there riding alone right. It'd be so wrong. So I just ride~ *in case one of you read this post xD* It was their first time riding elephants too but they felt the overall experience was okay. However I just felt pity for the elephants. 500 Thai baht per person for the ride. I didn't want to comment much because I'm not supporting elephant riding. 

Before we rode the elephants. We were waiting for the elephants to arrive.

They were coming. I was getting nervous.

This was actually the first elephant ride in my life and I was terrified. The elephant that we rode was in a bad mood or naughty mood on that hot afternoon. I didn't know how it felt but I was really scared of being thrown off by the elephant. It was a half an hour elephant ride but I didn't enjoy myself even a second of it. The trainer was trying to discipline the elephant using a hook. I had to pretend I was calm and prevent myself from kicking or touching the elephant too much. Well. We never know. A split second...we could be injured or die. I didn't want to take the risk. So I just stayed calm. My friend thought it was adventurous and fun but mmmkay...this was no fun for me.

We passed by the elephant show area.

Two of them came back quite late.
It was kinda sad to see the elephants being treated like this. I know this was the way they earn money for their living. These poor elephants didn't get enough rest. After we finished the ride, there were lots of tourists wanted to ride them too. Lots of tourists but there were just some elephants. If I was not mistaken, I saw less then 7 elephants were available for the elephants ride. Even though these elephants are tame, they have feelings too. We do not know when they'll throw tantrums...

After the elephant riding tour finished, cold drinks and some fruits were served for us. The staffs even displayed the photographs at the booth for tourists to choose. I didn't enjoyed myself but I did buy the photo.

We had some light refreshment before embarking to the next destination.

This photograph costed me 200Thai baht. It was very pricey and out of my budget but I bought it to remind myself not to have elephant ride anymore.

Have you tried elephant ride before? Tell me your experience too.

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  1. You're pathetic and weak. You see the elephants suffering but you support that because you are afraid of what your friends think. Was the suffering of these beautiful creatures worth your stupid experience. Selfish.

  2. I didn't say I feel happy to ride them. In fact I wrote this post just to remind myself not to ride elephants at this type of places anymore.


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