November 15, 2019

Hello! Hello! Hello! Do you want to get flawless skin in 30 days for just RM89??? I am so excited to share with you about this new collagen product which is made in Malaysia. It's called JeanC. I have tried different brands of collagen products before and I can't wait to share with you the result of drinking JeanC collagen drink.

Day 1- 5th November 2019

This is how my skin looks like on Day 1 consuming JeanC collagen. Sometimes I do go to work bare face but I will just look very pale and not energetic. I hope this drink helps me to improve my skin condition. For your information, I'm a teacher and it's a very stressful job. I don't really have the energy to prepare and eat nutritious food daily. I don't even have a very rigid skincare regime. I'm quite lazy to be honest. After a long day of work, all I want to do is to nap for a few hours. I used to nap 3 hours daily when I haven't move in with my boyfriend. *Shhh* Now I nap less because I don't want him to think that I'm a lazy piggy. *oink* Teaching kids in school really drains so much energy.  Hence, this collagen is definitely my life saver. Sometimes, we do need supplements in our life.

Day 10 - 14th November 2019
Today is my 10th day of drinking JeanC collagen and I want to share about the product from its taste, smell and colour. 
Taste: I can accept the taste of it. It has grape flavour and surprisingly this is my first time enjoying drinking powdered collagen drink. Normally, some collagen taste horrible. It's like you're drinking medicine. Jeanc doesn't have that strong medicine smell.
Smell: It doesn't have a weird smell. 
Colour: I like its purplish colour. I feel like I'm drinking ice cream.
Skin improvement: I feel like my skin glows a little especially on my cheeks. It's not the oily type of glowing that you normally see but it's like my skin is glowing from inside which makes me feel so happy about it.

Day 20- 24th November 2019
 I really love my skin now! You can the glow on my cheeks and I can feel that my skin is more firmer and more hydrating. Besides that, it's easier for me to put my makeup on too when my skin is getting better. I don't need concealer or foundation and I'm ready to go out to enjoy my day.

Day 30- 4th December 2019

I was like wowwww. No makeup needed! JeanC is really giving me the glowing skin.

1.What I like about the product
This product really works on me. I go to toilet everyday! *ehem poop daily* It's really good for me. Normally if I drink other collagen brand, I will diarrhoea like crazy. After trying JeanC, I have healthy poop. I will definitely purchase JeanC again.

2.What I don't like about the product

I love everything of the product except the packaging. It would be nice if they have cute packaging like inserting flamingo or some cute cartoons on their packaging. 

You can join their lucky draw to win 3 boxes of JeanC collagen. *pick me pleaseeee*

It's grape flavour. 

I received 3 boxes of JeanC collagen. It means that I can have flawless skin in 3 months. *Yuhoo*.
Thanks a lot JeanC.
There are 30 sachets in each box.
Each sachet contains
🔷3000mg Marine Collagen Peptide
🔷100mg Vitamin C
🔷10mg Astaxanthin

After I shared about JeanC collagen on my instagram. I got some questions from my friends. Most frequently asked questions are as follows.
1. Is it Halal?
The seller told me it's Halal and the company is expecting to get the Halal Cetificate around December.

2. Can vegetarian consume it?
Nope. :( This is because it is made from fish.

3. Is it suitable for men?
Of course!!!! Men have to take good care of their skin as well.

If you feel like RM89 is too pricey for you. Then you can try to order trial pack first. I feel so surprised that they do sell trial pack.The trial pack has 3 sachets which will only cost you Rm14.90. If you love the taste of it and you feel like it's suitable for your body then you can start to order more from the website. 

We all love free shipping when it comes to online shopping. Good news is that they have free shipping on every order. 

For me, JeanC is the most affordable collagen drink in Malaysia. It's just RM89. Normally, other 30 days collagen products cost more than RM100. Do not hesitate. Go and order it now!!!!
You can order it here.

Do let me know your result after you've tried JeanC collagen.
Let's become beautiful together sisturrrrrrrrrrr. Don't say I bojio.

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