November 25, 2019

We went to a Thai festival on 16th November 2019. This was the first event that was held near our new house. This park is so near to our new house but we've never been to the park. Surprisingly, the park is actually so beautiful and I can say that this event was quite a success. I didn't expect lots of people turned up to the event.

Picture credit: Sendayan Update
This event was like a little reunion for the Thai people who settle down in Seremban. Most of the hawkers from the stalls were Thai people. I really felt like I was in Thailand that evening. I missed the food. I missed the friendliness of Thai people and I missed the way they talked to each other. All the Thai food were so authentic because the food were cooked by the Thai people. We ordered some Thai Chicken Satay and they tasted so juicy and delicious. After we watched the Muey Thai workshop, we bought 2 packet of Pad Thai. The Pad Thai were burnt a little bit but they're still tasty. There're too many people queuing for food and the hawker coooked the food in big portion and in a rush. However, it's still acceptable for me.

Apart from the Muey Thai workshop, there's a Lo Krathong workshop too. I thought they would put the Krathong into the river of this park. It would be so nice if we could do so.We also joined the arcade game to win some snacks but both of us were not lucky that day. Lmao.

Beautiful sunset in Sendayan.

Look at all these Krathong. Very impressive. My mum used to make lots of Krathong and sell to her Thai friends. If you want a krathong, you may contact me. *wink*

I don't know who's brilliant idea to organise this Thai fest. I was really impressed by this little floating market. They even tried to bring the Maeklong Railway Market alive in Carnelian Park. Kudos!

This charming and soft-spoken Thai girl made us some Thai snacks.

Wait a minute. Is this Gardens By The Bay? Nooooo.It's Carnelian by the Bay. ;P

Thanks a lot to Matrix Concepts Holding Berhads for organsing this first wonderful event at Carnelian Park. I wish they can host more events here in the future.

Let's Hi 5 The World!

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