August 24, 2016

Greenway night market was located far from our hostel. It's situated near Central Festival Mall. We took a tuk tuk there after we shopped at Tesco Lotus. It was drizzling when we reached there at 6pm and most of the stalls were not fully opened yet. We went straight to search for local food because we were really hungry. The clothes sold here were not that nice compared with Lee Garden's and Central Festival's. 
My friends were pretty much excited to try the authentic mango sticky rice. Needless to say. Very tasty! 50THB.

All these fried meats. Cheap and bigger portions compared with Malaysia night market's lok lok. Price starts from 10THB.

Their cravings were satisfied.

Pork fried rice. 40THB. Yeah. My friends were very excited because many pork were sold here. They asked me to request the hawker to just sell them the pork because they didn't want the rice. They ordered mango sticky rice just now. So, I just used my broken Thai language to make the request. Hahaha. Luckily they agreed to sell the pork to us. Such a hilarious moment because many people were staring at us at that time actually.

Ah~ sipping Thai iced tea. Tasted so good to quench our thirst after a long and tiring day.
50THB per cup.

p.s. The Pad Thai sold at Greenway Night Market tasted better than the one that I ate the Asean Night Market. You have to trust me. :)  When I go to Thailand,  most of the time I will order Pad Thai for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's my all-time-favourite!!!!! I'm drooling now. :(((((

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