Life of Pi

December 29, 2012

11/12/12 - We went to Seremban Terminal 2 to watch this movie. Actually I didn't really understand the story because the subtitle on the screen was white in colour and so blur...
I only realised that this story was not merely about a man and a tiger after I viewed the explaination of this story from Fb. I retrieved the pictures from: Then, I read the novel. The movie is a bit different from the novel because they skip some parts already. Anyway, this movie directed by Ang Lee was really great. Even though we didn't watch the 3D, the animation part was plain amazing. It was indeed a heart-pounding moment when the tiger pounced out from the tarpaulin. Luckily we didn't watch the 3D one. Haha.

Title: Life of Pi
Author:Yann Martel
Genre: Teen Fiction

Pi was born in Indian. He was a devoted Hindus, Christian and Muslim. His father owned a zoo.

Then due to some reasons *about India's economy something like that*his father decided to sell the animals and ship them to Canada. His family was going to migrate to Canada and start their new life at the new continent.

They encountered a shipwreck and Pi was rescued. He was the only person at the life boat.
Out of a sudden, a zebra jumped from the ship and landed on the lifeboat. Unfortunately, it had injured himself because one of its legs was broken already.
Soon, an Orang-Utan came floating on an island of bananas and Pi rescued it.
Then, a hyena came out from the tarpaulin. It ate the zebra and killed the orang-utan.
After that, a tiger also came out from the tarpaulin and killed the hyena.
Now Pi ought to live with the Bengal tiger in the lifeboat.
When they almost starved to death, they reached a deserted island.
However, Pi discovered that the island was carnivorous Thus, Pi and Richard Parker (the tiger) left the island and continued their journey.
Finally, they arrived at the Mexico shore. Pi was rescued by the natives. On the other hand, Richard Parker just vanished in the jungle. No turning back and without a glance. *this scene was very sad*
After that, there were two investigators from Japan wanted to find out about the cause of the shipwreck.

Pi told them his story and what he had encountered after the shipwreck. However, they didn't believe him and they insisted him to tell the true story, another story without the animals. Hence, he told them another version of the story.
The chef killed the sailor and ate the sailor.
 Pi's mother was very angry about the chef's act so she slapped him. The chef also killed Pi's mother.
Pi..also killed the chef and ate him.

The deserted island that Pi reached was actually his mother's corpse.
Then, the numerous meerkats on the island were actually the worms of his mother's corpse.
Tiger = Pi ate the hyena which meant Pi ate the worms in order to survive...
Pi described the island was very lively in the morning but at night the pond's water was very acidic.What Pi observed when he was at the island was actually indicating human's gastric juice. 
Until he ate his mother's teeth, he just taken aback and left the island immediately.
In the end Pi was rescued and the animal in him was slowly faded away.
Then Pi asked the investigator which is the better story.

Both of them prefer the first story.

So these were the explainations from the internet. I found some of these explainations confused me.Since this film is based on the book. The book has more details because his girlfriend was not mention in the book and the lotus flower thing either...or I missed out???

There are many favourite lines from the novel that I would like to share here.

1. "It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names."  

So, it was about Pi's friends. His full name was actually Piscine Molitor Patel. However, his friends always mistaken his name and teased him. Some called him Pissing Patel because Piscine sounds like Pissing. Some thought that he was a sikh when they heard his name. They thought his name was P.Singh and they wondered why he wasn't wearing a turban. So, like my lecturer had mentioned before....Name does matter.Hmm. It caused him a lot of troubles every time he wanted to introduce himself in the classroom. Kinda pity him. He had such a good name actually because he was named after a swimming pool.  

2."The sound would disappear, but the hurt would linger, like the smell of piss long after it has evaporated."

This showed that he felt really bad because of his friends teasing about his name. How awful it is when people try to make fun of your name. The name that was given by your parents..Imagine that. The people in the story just don't know the story behind his name so it's so bad for them to judge him like that. Pi didn't want people to laugh at him anymore so he introduced his new name when he changed to another school. Hence, Pi was named after the incident.

3. "It may not kill you but it will certainly injured you."

Pi's father told him not to underestimate the weak one (animal like insects..) even though we human beings think that we are the master on the earth.

4. "The most dangerous animal is man."

Agree the most. Sometimes human is cruel than animals. Animal won't attack us if we didn't disturb them.

5. "Animals like hyenas...orang-utans...Don't think they are harmless. Life will defend itself no matter how small it is."

I think the author foreshadow something here. Like how Pi defended himself on the roughest sea. Even though he was smaller size and a vegetarian compared to the big, fat chef he was able to defend himself and kill the chef.

6."I realised something else; The hyena was the reason those sailors had thrown me into the lifeboat. They weren't trying to save my life. That was the last of their concerns. They were using me as fodder. They were hopping that the hyena would attack me and that somehow I would get rid of it and make the boat safe for them, no matter if it cost me my life. Now I knew what they were pointing at so furiously just before the zebra appeared."

Now, I understand why they waited for him and they didn't want to save his parents when Pi insisted them to do so. No wonder they pointed the boat because they thought the hyena was going to attack Pi. They wanted to watch him die at the lifeboat. Lol...this is what we call "hai ren hai zi ji." Then, the rope that hang the lifeboat was torn and Pi was flushed out from the ship. So they are not able to on board because of their selfishness. He was the only survivor.

7. "Hyena-it was an adult male that looked to be about 140 pounds."
So this described the chef.Hmm.

8. "yip yip yip the hyena ran in circles going yip yip yip."
Trying to eat the zebra. So depressed or something like that. Hmm, indicate the chef's hot-tempered behaviour...?

9. "Orange juice (the orang-utan) encounter the hyena."
Pi's mother and the chef.

10. "The only reason I didn't stand up and beat it off the lifeboat with a stick was lack of strength and stick, not lack of heart."
No wonder...

11.  "I kept myself busy. That was one key to my survival."
227 days in the ocean was very dreadful..luckily he kept himself occupied with doing all the stuffs like feeding Richard Parker, prayers, catching fishes...if not he will bored to death. lol.

12. "caught the turtle, jammed the knife to the turtle's head and drank its blood."
Err...maybe we will feel disgusted by his action but Pi said that he couldn't consume sea water. Furthermore, the unpredictable weather made it difficult for him to collect rain water. So this was one of the solutions to get the water source and quench his thirst.

13. "The landscape was covered in meerkats.....The island was carnivous."

14. "Richard Parker at the edge of the jungle, stop but just disappear without looking back at Pi and bid farewell."
Pi was very sad because after all the hardships they had gone through. Richard Parker still didn't treat him as a friend. Maybe his father was right..animal and human cannot be friends...hmmm. He wept because Richard Parker didn't look back or did anything. It just went like that. Pi just wanted to conclude their relationship.
This part in the movie was really sad...I really wish the tiger would turn its back or maybe just roar something like that but it didn't. It stopped there for quite a long time lo...this beast lol. Then after I watched the movie, I found that the tiger was actually Pi's inner heart.... (-..-)

15. "I wish I had said ,"Richard Parker, it's over." "

16. Mr Okamoto: Very interesting
Mr. Chiba: What a story. He thinks we're fools.

17. The cook told Pi and his mother he needed to cut the Chinese sailor's wounded leg in order to save his life. Actually the chef was very selfish, he cheated them. He just wanted to use it as bait because their lifeboat was running out of food already...

18. Pi only jotted down the dates when the shipwreck occured and after he was rescued. July 2nd 1977 and  February 14th 1978. In between he did write diary but he just didn't want to write the date. He said time makes us weak? something like that...can't remember what he said. Maybe it feels like dying if we know the day.

19. "Which is the better story, the story with animals or the story without animals?"
Both of the officers claimed that the story with animals is the better story.
Pi replied,"Thank you. And so it goes with God."

 Maybe the writer wants to convey the message that with god nothing is impossible. Just like the first story many people will just think it is impossible for an Orang Utan came floating on the bananas,the carnivorous trees, and Pi could survive for so many days with a tiger on the lifeboat. It's miracle. :) Lol dunno..just guessing. I believe the first story. ^.^ So complicated but it's really nice.

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