A Famosa water theme park

December 20, 2012

17/12/2012-Many days ago, my friends and I went to A'Famosa waterworld. We went there by car and ah chung was the driver of the day. She had to fetch us for many times because there were nine of us but we only had a car. At first, chung telephoned me and asked me whether I could go there by myself. I told her that I dare not drive to A' Famosa alone.*guilty* So, she ought to fetch us for three rounds. The first round's passengers were chung's sister and her sister's friends. Then Peijia, Sandy and me joined the second round. After that Dolphin and Katherine joined us. While waiting for the other person to join us, I talked with Sandy and Peijia which both of them are from iprm. I kinda regret because I didn't capture many photos on that day. This was because I was too shy to ask them, "Hey, want to take pictures with me ma?" So worried that later they would say "Why ah chung's friend so buay paiseh de ask people to take picture wor." Haha. Then, the three of us just ended up sitting there and chatting without taking any pictures.

The entrance fee is RM40. Lunch is provided. 

Friendly Peijia and cute Sandy. The only one picture I had on that day.  Oh, my finger  was inside the picture so it proved that we did take picture together okay. Hehe.

We went to the main pool first. While we were swimming...
My friend asked, "Do you think Rihanna is in the water?"
I exclaimed, "Har! Rihanna comes to A'Famosa?"
She said, "No no no, it's the fish that eat people. Neh, the movie ah, what's the name?"
Me and another friend, "Oh, it's Piranha."
Me, "Pi-ra-nha shi ma?"
The other girl, "Pi-ran-ha leh."
Then we burst into laughter because we couldn't enunciate the word properly. *hehe, sorry ah if you read this because I think this is cute and I want it to be jotted down as our fond memory. So, I need to write it down. giggles...*

Then, we went to play this. *I don't know what's the name this thing but I name it pizza boat* This one was not so thrilling like the one I play with my classmate at Teluk Batik. Hehe.
Soon, we played this. I still prefer the Lost World Tambun's . I remembered evelyne and I played this thing   for so many times in Lost World and we did try all the tubes. Here, only two tubes were available, the black tube and the blue tube were closed. So, we couldn't experience the thrilling moment here.
We didn't try this because it looked so extreme for us.This thing is called HIGH SPEED SLIDES.This one cannot use tube not like the one at Tambun so it's really risky and dangerous for us to play. I can't imagine that we need to slide down without any tubes but just our body.So afraid that we will break our arms.

Next station was the best and it was the must-try BODY SLIDES. There were three tubes.So, I played the middle first. The middle tube was white in colour and we could play it with our friends so it wasn't so scary at all. The left one was a black tube and the right one was a blue tube. We had to play these two tubes ALONE. The black tube was a bit transparent so I didn't feel anxious playing it alone.

However, the inside of blue tube was completely dark!!!!At first I was thinking,"Oh my god, I need to play this alone? It's so dark and no tube leh!" If I had a tube with me, at least I could grip hold on something ma....Then I lied down and slid. It was really dark inside but I didn't close my eyes even though I was really engulfed by the darkness and the feeling of being alone. I kept on panting and tried to look at my feet but I saw nothing.It was all black.It was so icy cold inside the tube and I really couldn't feel my legs at that moment.At last I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I was really relieved.When I landed,I elbowed my friend and the first thing I told my friends was "Wah, finally I can see the light! Hahaha." This slide was plain amazing. *showing successful-kid face*
Move on to Arabian village. It's for kids but we still went to play. *chuckles*

*skip some grandmother stories*...then we called it a day. Thank ah chung for introducing her friends to me. They're so nice, friendly and hilarious. I spent most of the time there with peijia,katherine and sandy because chung accompanied  Dolphin. All of them made my day. Ah! How I wish my classmates can come to my home town so that we can also enjoy the fun and splashy time together. *wink* It's just only fifteen minutes' drive from my house.

----The Hatyai trip was cancelled because the hotels there were fully booked.*clench fist* Hahaha. Never mind, we can go there next time. :)

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