Day 1 & 2 at Thailand...

February 21, 2013

Okay...have to write something before I forget things that happened on last week. On February 11 2013, my family and I went to the land of smiles-Thailand. Hehe. It's a very very long journey. We left our house at 10 a.m. then we reach LCCT at 12p.m. After that we took our lunch at Marrybrown because I wanted to make full use of my kad siswa. Haha. Our flight to Bangkok was at 3.30 p.m. Then, we reached Thailand at 5p.m. *their local time*

Bangkok is a very hectic city.They drive so fast.It's normal road but they drive like they're on the highway.
So, you can imagine the speed....
Waiting for our relative to fetch us.

I like their buses.So colourful.
My dad and I in a car. On the way to somewhere....
Bangkok's weather is very hot.

Bye2 to Air Asia and Don Mueng International Airport.

Then we went to a night market. Although it's at night already..I felt so hot and was sweating profusely. Don't really feel like want to shop there with  messy hair and sweating armpits..*Jk..I'm not that kind of person who likes to shop*
The clothes sold there were so cheap!! I saw pants and dresses all with 500THB (RM5) price tags
on them.. We were in a rush so we just window-shopping there.
The car....Only in Thailand. :)

Many Buddha statues there too...
7eleven at the petrol station.Aw, I really like their 7eleven. Haha..I don't know want to use what adjectives to describe it. It's very special. Another special thing is their petrol is very expensive.I forgot about the price per litre.

Shopping paradise???

The transport of the day...Can you imagine my dad, brother and I slept there for 12 hours? Hehe. My mum sat inside the car for 12 hours so her legs got cramp. Pity her. We were sleeping soundly behind the car. Unfortunately.....something happened. It's very hot at the city but it's getting cold when we reached the rural area. It was freezing cold. I only wore T-shirt, jeans and with a not-so useful sweater. It's too cold. One sweater is not enough. We wanted to take our blanket from our luggage but the driver already put it on the we just forget about it...Then hours by hours we really couldn't stand it any more.It's so tiring to travel from Bangkok to Udon Thani. I left Malaysia on Monday and when I arrived at my grandmother's house it's already Tuesday. Still I feel grateful for the invention of aeroplane.I can't imagine I need to take a car, bus or a train to Udon more butt-hurt moment. All my nails were in purplish colour already because of the weather.My mum was so worry about me.Immediately, she dragged me to stand beside a fire pit. I was so blur because I just got out from the car with my messy hair and badly smelled mouth. Then, mostly all of the villagers were at my grandma's house to welcome us already, eyeing on us creepily.. just kidding. They're very kind and friendly :D So, if you visit to Thailand don't just take bus la.Try this. It's a very nice experience. I tried it for many times already...but for long's a big No. We had learnt our lesson already haha.

Then, we just unpacked our things. After we brushed our teeth and took our breakfast. We went to Thailand's JPJ in a hurry. Haiz...We just reached there not even one hour yet then we needed to go somewhere else.. So tired. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. We reached there at 5 a.m but the sky is very bright already.

In case, you're wondering why we went to their JPJ office....This is because someone wants to take her driving license there. Definitely not me...hikhik. Then we spent hours of waiting that someone to take the driving test or whatever process that you can name it. Haha...that someone is my mom. We waited her from 10 a.m to 4 p.m.  I played my handphone until I realised that my handphone was no battery already. I was like hehe nevermind later I could charge it when I reached my grandma's house. However...their plug was different. *crying* Next time should a bring a universal plug adapter!!
Something that I was not used to it there....haha. The people there sleep and wake up very early. 8p.m the sky was very dark already...n u know at people want to switch on the lights after they went to sleep...*scary* but my grandma switched on the light for us. :) After eight, I don't dare to go anywhere already la...even the toilet...haha. So I slept early too because I was afraid that I needed to the toilet. My grandma wakes up at 5 a.m everyday.Wow...haha. but we slept until 9 a.m. I think for them it's considered afternoon already because most of the people left the house to work already. 

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