December 13, 2015

When I first started blogging, I just wanted to write something to improve my English. I didn't know that we could earn money by blogging. One day I read my coursemate's blog which entitled dreameddream, I was curious about the sidebar of her website. I saw an advertisement on her website. The next day I asked her about the advertisement and how did she get to put it on her blog. After that she told me about the Nuffnang company. At first I didn't believe that putting the advertisement could actually help me to generate income for my blog. Then, I was thinking,"There was no harm to try." Thus, I search Nuffnang's website without any hesitations. At first, it was hard for me to put all the html codes in my blog. After several attempts, I managed to view two advertisements running at my blog. Rome was not built in one day. I felt disappointed because I didn't get any clicks from my visitor at all after one week. After that, I slowly discovered my advertisement was run under CPC (Cost-Per-Click). 

I felt so happy when my first advertisement got credited even though it was just RM0.25. Haha.I have been blogging for 6 years and I joined Nuffnang the second year of my blogging life. The 'magic' worked after one year of running the advertisement. Hmm....that is what I can recall from joining the Nuffnang. You can visit  their website for more information if you want to be part of the Nuffnang family.

The good news is I just received my first check from NUFFNANG after so many years!!!!!!! I would like to share some tips with you in case you are really interested to earn money too.

Tips to get more traffic for your blog

1. Know your niche
It is very important that you have a specific niche for your blog. If you are good in drawing, you can create a blog that shares information about drawing or displays your artworks. Good in photography? Have a photography blog. Good in adobe? I'm sure lots of people would like to read about your tutorials. I do not have any niche for my blog. My blog is more to lifestyle. Hmm..maybe Rojak style. Do not worry about finding the right niche as long as you can drive traffic to your blog. It is up to you. It's your blog anyway.

2. Design
Choose a design that suits your blog. Photography blog? Go for a monochromatic theme? Clean and simple? My advice is do not put too many widgets in your blog. It takes time for your visitors to load your webpage. 

3. Content
Do not be a copycat. You have your own writing style. Write interesting posts. I'm sure that quality content will engaged more visitors.

4. Hardworking
You ought to update your blog frequently. 3 times per week? I guess the more you write, you will get more views and more incomes? Imagine that you only blog once a year and you expect to gain more visitors? However, do pay attention to tips no.3 again even you want to post many blog posts.

5. Exposure
You can promote your blog on any platforms that you like. For instance, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. You can also join some blog communities like Bloglovin. Hence, there will be more chances for people to know the existence of your blog and visit it. Besides that, all these websites are very good in driving traffics to your blog. If they happen to like your blog, they will become your frequent visitors. So, more visitors--> more engagement--> increase in your blog income.

Let's try and see. I hope these tips can help you. Good luck!

Now I have two types of advertisements in my blog. CPC and CPUV. You need to have at least 200 unique visitors per week to get this CPUV advertisement. I like this metered advertisement the most because even though your visitor do not click on your advertisement, you will still get money from it. So, the more visitors read your blog on that particular month, you will have more money.

I was so excited when I could cash out my money. They will deduct RM1 for processing fee. You can cash out after you get RM50.

CPC is harder because the chances of people clicking the advertisement are low. However,the amount of money that you can get from it is higher than CPUV. Check your blog's traffic. If it has less than 200 unique visitors per week than you will get CPC advertisement. Once your blog has reached the unique visitors target, you will get CPUV automatically.

I just got a little bit of money from each campaign. It's okay. "Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit." :) It actually took me years to accumulate the  money to be cashed out.
Thank you so much Nuffnang. Maybe it's not that much but it's very meaningful to me. Maybe RM50 is not that much for some rich kids who live lavish life and never bother to look at the price tags when they buy anything. However, I could purchase my 1 month's groceries using that money. At least I can earn some pocket money when I try to improve my writing skill.  Killing two birds with one stone? *chuckles*

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