Essay-Is it better to live in the city or the countryside?

May 31, 2012

     From my point of view, it is better to live in the countryside. Although some people say that living in countryside is dull and boring. they can not stay comfort without television and air-conditioner. All these are wrong. Living in the rural area is beneficial than urban.

     Nowadays, government have built many reasonably good roads in the rural areas. Even the interior parts of our country are accessible by roads. Rural residents are also able to purchase many vehicles like car and motorcycle. They do not walk anymore.

     Most parts of the rural areas are also supplied with water and electricity service. In fact, the rural folks have a choice of whether using the tap water or well water. Some of them still prefer to use well water as it is healthier to consume.It is true that there is very little entertainment in the countryside. However, the residents there still can surf the internet, listen to radio or watching satelit-programme like Astro. 

     Apart from that, the countryside is free from pollution. The airis clean, cool and fresh. Thus, the rural folks are healthier from any disease and live longer.The people live in rural area also have a sense of neighbourliness. They are commonly friendly, helpful and cooperative. they always count on each other. There is less crime in the rural areas. They know their neighbours very well and everyone lives peacefully. They seldom blow their top.
     Obviously, living in the countryside is better than the city. We knew our neighbour, we help each other and we can enjoy calm and peace. These are the reasons why I prefer to live in the countryside.


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