Essay-A frightful night

May 28, 2012

     Last school holidays, I visited my cousin who lived in Malacca, the prevailing historical state of Malaysia. I went there by boarding a bus. Before leaving my hometown, I asked my neighbour to keep an eye on my house, watered the plants and collected mails for me as i decided to stay at my cousin's house for a month. 

     "Jane!" My cousin waved his hand when he saw me standing at the bus station with heavy luggage and sweating profusely. I tapped his shoulder and muttered, "What's up Jimmy!" Laughter filled the atmosphere when we were on the way to Jimmy's home. We chatted happily as if we had not been keeping in touch for many ages already. My cousin treated me very well and we always went sight-seeing in his neighbourhood.

     One night Jimmy invited me to watch a horror movie entitled Ghost Ship. He felt delightful as the pirated video CD purchased by him was cheaper compared to watch this movie in the cinema. Both of us dislike soapy movie because we always feel that crying women were so awful. Hence, horror movie really suited our need. We were shivering while watching the movie however we still felt excited. My cousin prepared hot beverages and junk food for me. We snacked on the junk food and sipped cups of coffee when watching the movie. When the movie came to the climax, we felt excited and we were eager to know what would happen next. 

      After the movie, we got a chance to enjoy supper cooked by Jimmy's mother. Then, we went to bed and I was asked to accompany my cousin to sleep with him in the same room. "Haha......You're indeed a coward!" I laughed at him. In the middle of the night, I wanted to answer the call of nature and woke up to go to the toilet. I felt fortunate that my cousin's bedroom had an attached bathroom as I was actually afraid of the spirit too!

     I was a considerate person and I did not switch on the bedroom light as I saw my cousin was sleeping soundly. I groped my way into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar when I was inside. I felt eerie as that night was a calm night and no wind was howling at all, how could the door be ajar by itself? It was very weird when I was dimly aware by the sound of someone screaming. As I was listening carefully, it was the sound from my cousin's television. I wondered who was watching the movie again. I was gasping for air and trying to leave the bathroom as fast as possible.

     However, as I was trying to pull the door, I could not open it wider. Seemed like someone was holding it from the other side. A chill went down my spine. I thought my cousin was playing a joke on me and I yelled, "Hey, let me out of here!" Then, I was shocked to hear the echo of my sound and nobody answer me. I had no idea at all. I was determined to get out from the toilet by knocking the door loudly.

     "Hey, fellow!" I was trembling when my cousin opened the door, with black-coloured-mask on his face and I flung myself onto the floor. On seeing me, my cousin reacted promptly by hugging me and consoling me. "Jane, are you alright?" he uttered softly. I nodded my head and shrugged my shoulder as I didn't want him to know the truth and teased me.

     I would have fainted if my cousin had not switched on the light. What he discovered was that the doormat had accidentally got struck under the door on the bedroom side. It was indeed a frightful night for me and the incident really blew my mind.


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