December 19, 2016

Hi, I'm so excited to tell you that I just came back from CAMBODIA! I couldn't believe that I could go to Cambodia. I read about Angkor Wat from history book when I was in secondary school. I didn't know that I was able to see the grand Angkor Wat in real life!!!! I was so excited I couldn't sleep for so many days before my departure date. Besides that, I also ticked off one of my bucket list which is to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat!!! Apart from that, I also watched the sunset at the other temple which is called the Phnom Bakheng. Feeling so surreal and now I'm going to share with you how much it costed for me to go to Cambodia. I saved very hard and I also purchased a new camera because of this trip. I know I'm insane but I just can't bear with bad quality photos. However, I think that it's truly worth the price because I can show my readers the magnificent views of Angkor city. All photos that I shoot are raw photos and have no-filter because every nook and cranny of the Angkor city is so beautiful! Apart from that, please pay attention to some of my photos and you will notice that the skies at Angkor city are so BLUE. I was overwhelmed. *cough* Not only Siem Reap but Phnom Penh city has nice skies either.

1. Transportation
  • Bus from A Famosa Club house to KLIA         = RM24.30
  • Flight return tickets *MAS airline promo- This was such a good deal because meals were included, insurance, free seat selection and 30 luggage allowance..yuhoo*   =RM419.20 
  • Larryta Van from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap *6hours*      = 11 USD
  • Tuk Tuk from Airport to my friend's house at Phnom Penh = 9 USD + tipping 1 USD *because the tuk tuk driver said he didn't have change :( * ( 10 USD/2) so  5USD per person = 5 USD
  • Tuk Tuk to the Luxury Concept Hostel *Thanks a lot for the pickup! The poor driver waited us for 2 hours because we told him the wrong arrival time. So we gave him one more dollar for tipping( 5 USD + 1 USD tipping = 6 USD/2 )      = 3USD 
  • Tuk tuk ride around Angkor Archaeology Sites for three days  (60USD/3)  = 20 USD             *If you want to go to Tonle Sap, the driver will charge extra- 10 USD*
  • T.S VIP Express Van from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh = 15 USD
  • Tuk tuk from van station to my friend's house (5USD/2) = 2.5 USD
  • Shuttle train from KLIA to KLIA 2 *because we had to take a taxi home* =RM2
  • Taxi from KLIA to my house = RM114.30 /2 = RM57.15

2. Accomodation

  • McDonald breakfast at KLIA = RM4.35
  • Dinner at Dee Cafe (Lart Cha-Vegetarian Khmer Short Rice noodle 1.5 USD + fresh passion fruit juice 1.5 USD = 3 USD
  • Temple Club, Siem Reap- meal & drink  7 USD + 2 USD = 9 USD
  • Lunch after watching sunrise at Angkor Wat -*normal fried rice but damn they put so many carrots and the carrots were not diced- I wanted to puke* = 2USD
  • Lunch after our grand circuit tour -Kruosar Khmer Restaurant-Fish Amok 7.5 USD + Minced Pork with Eggplants 6 USD + steam rice for 3 person 3 USD + One jug of tea 3 USD ( USD/3) = 6.5 USD
  • Pub Crawl at Pub Street- We ordered 1 mango juice (2 USD/2) =1 USD
  • Brown Cafe, Phnom Penh = 8.25 USD
  • Blue Pumpkin Ice Cream Rum Alcohol and Raisin = 2 USD per scoop.
  • Bread = 1 USD
  • Lemongrass drink = 2.25 USD

4.Sight-seeing and Activities
  • Angkor Wat Temple Pass for 3 days = 40 USD
  • Tuol Seng Genocide Museum- entrance fee without audio guide = 3 USD
  • Royal Palace, Phnom Penh = 25,000 Riel ~ 6 USD

5. Shopping 
  • 10 pieces of postcards *It's cheaper if you buy souvenirs at the temples because the things sold at night markets are quite pricey* = 1 USD 
  • 1 Buddha Face necklace, 1 small Angkor Wat replica, 1 Pandora-like bracelet with lots of charms and 1 bracelet with elephant charm and small stones on it = 10 USD
  • 1 pants = 3 USD
  • One more pants *sorry the pants were so nice* = 4 USD
  • 1 skirt with nice patterns and 2 t-shirts = 11 USD
  • 1 top for my dad = 6 USD
  • Cute small coin pouch x 10 = 6 USD

6. Other expenses
  • Metfone 4G Sim Card - 80 minutes free call daily and unlimited internet = 5 USD
  • Angkor Guidebook (10USD/2) *shared it with a friend because we couldn't afford to book a tour guide and I took the book lol* = 5 USD
  • Decided to book a tour guide to explain about Angkor Wat *too lazy to read the book that we bought the previous day*  (12 USD/ 3) = 4 USD
  • Gave my friend some money for his hospitality = 15 USD
  • Paid 1 dollar after I used the toilet at the buffet restaurant =1 USD

7. Total spend
Some expenses were jotted down in MYR which indicated the money that I spent in Malaysia before I go to Cambodia. I will count how much I spend at Cambodia first, then I will add the MYR in my overall expenses.

Transportation                         =  56.5   USD
Accomodations                       =  42.25 USD
Meals                                      =  25.75 USD
Shopping                                =   41      USD
Sight-seeing and activities      =   49      USD
Other expenses                       =   30      USD
                                                244.5 USD

Total spend at Cambodia = 244.5 USD ~ RM1094.38
Total spend in MYR        = RM 507

RM1094.38 + RM507 = RM1601.38

So the total money that I spent on my 5D4N's trip at Cambodia is  = RM1601.38

It's really over my budget because my initial budget was RM1000, I think I spent too much on shopping. xD I just couldn't resist to purchase all the things there. From the calculation, you can see that I didn't spend so much on food. I didn't eat much at Cambodia because I'm not a foodie person. Even though I didn't eat street food, I still had diarrhea everyday. I didn't know why. Therefore, most of the time we dined at restaurant which costed us lots of money. Actually I could save more if I tried the street food but I just didn't dare to take the risk. This was because some of my friends told me that they were admitted to hospital because of food poisoning during their stay at Cambodia. So, I was very cautious when I took my meals at Cambodia. Besides that, I drank bottled mineral water only. Luckily most of the places that we went had free bottled water so we saved some money. For instance van, hostel, tuk tuk rides, restaurant and hotel did provide free drinking water to us. 

I'm more into sight-seeings and photography when I'm abroad. Hence, this budget is just a reference only. It may not suit every person's travel style. If you have any questions, please leave your comments here. I will be more than happy to help you and share my travel experiences.

My travel video.

Let's hi 5 the world

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