Class trip to Terengganu- Day 2 Chinatown

November 06, 2014

          Second day was rather fun and exciting because I got the opportunity to visit the Chinatown! Before we went to Chinatown, we were sight-seeing near the Pasar Payang. Pasar Payang is well-known for selling affordable hand-crafted batik, local delicacies, and souvenirs. Many cute turtle plush toys were sold all over the streets. The batik which were displayed on the mannequins looking so attractive and colourful. One of the batik was made from "pualaman" and my lecturer bought it because the shape and painting was indeed very unique compared with the traditional batik.

It was quite hard walking under the scorching sun, we felt happy whenever we saw any tall building s around the area because we tended to rest at shady places after a long walk.

I really like Terennganu's building. They are very special. 
Mural at one of the streets around Chinatown area.

This was indeed a shopping heaven for my classmates! They *especially the girls* really shopped a lot. I was having a jaw dropping moment when I saw their purchase. It was indeed a fruitful trip for them though. *wink* 

My friends and I went to search for the murals whereas the other were still busy hunting for clothes.

Finally I found this place! Checklist ticked!

Spot the local artist behind me!

Love locks..

Cherish every moment I have with my classmate.

We went to the night market and played this! RM3 per bowl and we played together. Laughter filled the air and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Bye Terengganu. Longing to have more class trips with my friends before we graduate.

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