Essay- A narrow escape

December 01, 2011

''Boom!'' I was awaken by the sound of something crashing on the engine. I was very curious and wanted to know what had happened to the aircraft which I was boarding in. It was weird that the aircraft  was like swinging in the in the air. When I looked out of the window, I was shocked to see smoke coming out from the engine. My jaw was hanging down and my eyes were popping out too. '' Oh my God!'' On seeing the scene, I immediately loosen my safety belt and wanted to flee from the plane.

''Open the door! Hurry up, the plane is going to crash!'' I was so panic that I could not control my emotion. I was trying to open the emergency exit. Oh no, I was going nuts now! Out of a sudden, a charming air stewardess grabbed hold of my hand and tried to calm me down. ''Miss, you can't do this! We will try to handle it.'' She ordered me to sit down and wait for the captain's instructions.

I went back to my seat and waited patiently. Other passengers began to scream and cry after they saw the chaos. They felt very uncomfortable with their situation and started to scold the captain. Some of them even quarrelled and were busy getting their luggage that made the aircraft filled with chaos and terror. I kept on praying while all the air stewardess were discussing on how to cope with the big problem. One of them went to see the captain.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is going to land at Hudson River five minutes from now. Please fasten your safety belt. Then take out the life jacket under you seat and follow the instructions by our captain. Thank you." After we heard the announcement, we were really over the moon. Soon, the plane landed perfectly on the Hudson River. All of us aboard safely and walked out of that sinking aircraft. Then, we were standing on the aircraft's wings and waited for the rescuer to save us. I was struggling in my emotion and burst into tears while waiting for the rescuer's boat. The other felt relieved and hugged together.

The scene was full of crowds. I almost had no room for elbow. Finally, I felt uneasy to plow my way through that crowd. My relatives were waiving their hands when they saw me standing near the port. It was truly a narrow escape for me. Although this incident happened to me, I hope that this tragedy only stay in my memory. Pilot Capt. Chesley was indeed a wise man. He was our hero.

Comment: Very good.
Marks: 42/50

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  1. wow, nice story line....who mark this for u?

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  4. Wow!beautiful story.Can you teach me how to write one please?

  5. Cassandra, practise makes perfect :)


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