Essay-Who influenced you the most?

November 30, 2011

A woman with blonde, sleek and alluring hair is my mother. Her name is Mary who married my father. She's the person who had the biggest influence in my life. I can still remember vividly every precious moment I spent with my loving mother.

''Linda! Linda!" I saw my mother running towards me and she looked pale and was sweating profusely. I was eager to know what had happened to her and grab hold of her shoulder. ''Daddy has passed away in an accident!'' My eyes were popping out and my jaw was hanging down after I heard about my father's death. I felt very upset and burst into tears. My mother had a strong will and consoled me. Both of us were so anxious and concerned about our future.

Without my father, my family lost a backbone and my mother had to bring home the bacon by herself. She woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me daily. She had lots of wrinkles on her face now and she seemed tired all the time. She had to suffer and struggle for many years just to earn some income for me to pay the fees. However, I didn't appreciate all the things that my mum had done for me!

Everyday, when the clock struck seven I went to school as usual. After that, I joined my peers to play truant and we boarded a bus to go window-shopping at Berjaya Times Square. On the other hand, mu mum was working diligently at a Chinese restaurant. She worked as a servant and served the dishes to customers everyday. However, she was always been scolded and blamed by her evil boss. She never gave up and kept on praying that someday I would never be like her.

I went home very late every day and my mother usually fell asleep in her bedroom while waiting for me. I peeped into the keyhole of the door and saw piles of money on the desk. At that moment, I was determined to steal the money to purchase all the things that I longed for many years ago.

''Vroom...vroom!'' I kept the money and intended to share the happiness with my friends. Unfortunately, my mum was awaken by the sound of the motorcycle. She was very angry and her face was filled with emotion. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she immediately knelt down and pleaded towards me.

''Linda, Linda give me the money back!'' I turned a deaf ear and still insisted to go to my friends' house.

My friends and I were really over the moon as we could purchase lots of things with the money that I had stolen. We snacked on junk food and sipped beverages in my friends' house. We continued our blast and switched on the television to sing karaoke. out of a sudden, my friend Sean elbowed me. ''Lin...Linda, your mum is on the television!'' I thought that they were joking and after I saw the scene where my mother intended to commit suicide, I was literally shocked! The reporter said that my mum was not able to pay the money to the 'Along'. Therefore she knew that her days were numbered and she wanted to give a come to her life to settle all the payment that she had borrowed from them.

I felt very guilty! If I gave back the money, would my mother still be alive? I cried in front of my mother's carcasses at the graveyard. I leaned on the ground and looked beyond the sky. ''I need to change!'' I mumbled and recalled all the songs of my family.

''1,2,3 say cheese!'' Today I attend my graduation ceremony. My friends and I are capturing photographs for remembrance. I never regret what I have done now! My parents are six feet under the ground and they must be happy if they can share this valuable moment with me. Since that incident, I realized that family is crucial in our lives. Parents are indeed dominant in the family relationship. My mum really influence me a lot, she raise me up!

''Mummy, you're always in my heart! Your beauty is eternal!''

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