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August 07, 2011

Great news!!!!You can design your own favicon. Last time we need to edit the html code to put our favicon. Now,Blogger has made our lives become much more easier. Okay,I use the software PAINT to make the favicon. You can use other drawing softwares too if you have. Just make your favicon looks simple and easy to be recognised by people and yourself.

Must draw an exact square shaped favicon .This is because "they"  accept small-sized icon and SQUARE shape ONLY!

Just draw whatever you want~

Then crop it .

The last step is very important!Make sure you can  crop a square favicon.

Click design.

Click favicon and upload your saved image. That's all.
As easy as ABC...

I am not a very computer savvy person but I like to discover and learn. I can spend my whole day in editing all the html code. I think all my efforts are worth after looking at my so-called beautiful blog. After trying some of the tricks in blogger,I start to feel boring already. 

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