April 09, 2017

I had to admit that I never felt so nervous in my life!!! I couldn't believe that I managed to get two tickets to Coldplay's concert. The tickets were very really hard to get! I guessed I was so lucky on that day. I booked the tickets during lunch hour hoping that I still could purchase the tickets after failing to get them twice. Do you know the feeling of being rejected twice? I couldn't buy the tickets twice!!! So I guessed 'third time is the charm'. I got it and I was really on top of the world. When I called my friend to inform her that we got the ticket, she burst into tears too. Tears of happiness. I really wanted to shout when I saw the words 'YOUR TRANSACTION IS SUCCESSFUL.' 

We went to Singapore on the 1st April 2017.It was such a sudden decision to go there because we didn't expect that we were so lucky to get the tickets last minute. We were overjoyed. However,  we were so nervous when we reached Singapore and we didn't know the reasons. Lol. Maybe this was due to the reason that it was our first time seeing someone that we really like. Therefore, we had the butterflies feelings and everything that you could name it. We were so afraid that we couldn't enter the stadium on time and etc. We felt relieved when we managed to enter the stadium successfully.

Even though we were seated in a restricted view area, we still enjoyed ourselves very much! The crowd was great and I got a chill down my spine when everyone in the stadium sang FIX YOU, THE SCIENTIST, YELLOW and A SKY FULL OF STARS.
When I listened to Chris singing my favourite songs in live, I was in awe. Was this real? Was this a fairy tale bliss? I couldn't believe it. I couldn't breathe properly because it was so surreal! It's was the best night of my life. Everyone was singing and dancing together. 

I love all of their songs but these songs meant a lot to me.
2.The Scientist
3. A Sky Full of Stars
4. Fix You
5. Everglow
6. Viva La Vida
7. Princess of China
8. Something Just Like This

Thank you Coldplay for igniting back something once again. This band had always been a part of my emotional ride since day 1.

My best partner in crime. 

I couldn't believe it!!!  Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you!

Let's hi 5 the world

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